Florida Ranks 6th in Widest Gap Between Rich and Poor

6. Florida
> Gini coefficient: 0.4811
> Median household income: $44,299 (14th lowest)
> Households earning $200,000+: 4.4% (19th highest)
> Population living below poverty line: 17.0% (17th highest)

In 2011, 5.4% of state residents earned less than $10,000, slightly higher than the national rate of 5.1%. Meanwhile, just 4.4% earned more than $200,000 — well below the 5.6% national benchmark. Both figures, however, were far worse than they were in the past. In 2007, just 3.6% of households earned less than $10,000 annually, while 5.4% earned more than $200,000. But while many Floridians have lost wealth since the recession, Florida is still home to 32 billionaire members of the Forbes 400, led by Micky Arison, worth $5 billion as of September.


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