Top 10 Things to Sell Your House

Repaint Rooms. Paint with a buyer’s sensibilities in mind.

Wash and Paint the Exterior. Repainting your exterior increases curb appeal

Shine with New Lighting. Bring out the best features of your house with a new lighting layout.

Organize and De-Personalize. Cleanliness leads to closing.

Repair or Replace Window Screens. Fixing sagging, dirty or ripped screens is one of the easiest and most inexpensive home improvements for home sellers

Patch Drywall Dings and Dents Imperfections like drywall divots suggest larger problems with the integrity of your house.

Unstick Stubborn Doors. Sticking doors are bothersome, and even more so to prospective buyers touring your home for the first time

Repair Tile Grout. Make your bath and kitchen look brand new by ridding these rooms of shabby and damaged grout

Upgrade Kitchen and Bath Faucets. Replace faucets to give your kitchen or bathroom a quick facelift.

Clean Your Gutters. Clogged gutters could make a great house look neglected



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